Hailing all the way from the left coast is Freshman and League of Legends player, Cameron Dweidary. The first-year student comes from Pacific Grove, California, where he grew up, but now resides in Goldsboro, North Carolina. Originally planning on joining the military, Dweidary was approached by Coach Christianson at a Supercon event in Raleigh and later turned into him visiting campus in November 2019. “I really was not planning on going to college, then I came on a visit and realized this is what I want to do,” said Dweidary.

The current graphic design major is also working on a minor in business and has hopes of opening his own graphic design firm after school. Dweidary does not only find motivation in opening his own firm, but he also plans on being a name to remember when it comes to Barton Esports. “Being able to see progress being made towards becoming a really good esports team is the goal,” said Dweidary. “Laying a foundation for the rest of the teams to come”

Cameron has been playing video games since the early Call of Duty days and he, like everybody else used it as an excuse to miss some school. “My brother from the first time the Black Ops came out, would buy them all for me for my birthday and we would go get it and skip school the next day,” said Dweidary.

The upbeat 18-year-old is looking forward to his next three years at Barton and plans on having much success throughout his career. “Winning in general is the goal,” said Dweidary.