With less than a month away till the spring 2021 commencement, Senior Denning Hudson will be wrapping up his time at Barton College. The Wilson native and graduate of Wilson Christianson Academy, is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has already been accepted into North Carolina State’s graduate program for accounting.

The 22-year-old not only competes on the League of Legends team but also is a team member of Barton Men’s soccer team. Having played all four years for the Bulldogs, Hudson has tallied a career of 3 goals scored and a total of seven games played at the center back position, while also earning Academic All-Conference accolades.

Hudson was first introduced to video games when he picked up Super Smash Bros on the Wii when he was a kid and later on found his passion for League of Legends when his roommate showed him the game Freshman year.  That following year, Hudson continued to grind on League and eventually joined the Esports team specializing in the mid lane and top lane positions.

Since the arrival of the team on campus, Hudson has used this to explore new games and meet new people. “Finding new guys to play games with, whether we are playing league or other games,” said Hudson. Not only was Denning able to create some new lifelong friends, but he also was able to find his roommate for the past two years. “The people in it is what makes it,” said Hudson “And the nice arena helps too!”

Following his time at Barton, he hopes to leave a positive impact on the program and is grateful for the friends he has made throughout his career at Barton.

By: Jakob Ryan