Senior graduate student, Deshaun McFadden is not only a familiar face in the arena, but also on the football field. The current Fortnite player is not only a Esports competitor. He also serves as a graduate assistant coach for the first year football program on campus. Originally recruited to play for Coach Hester and the Bulldogs, Deshaun has since then stepped into the coaching role. “Being able to sit back and watch it now is just giving me more love and appreciation for the game” said McFadden.

Deshaun began his college football career at North Carolina A&T, where he led the Aggie’s freshman core in receptions with 8 catches and 1 touchdown in 2016. His longest reception came against Florida A&M on October 29, 2016 when he had a catch for 20 yards in a win over the Rattlers 42-17.

Following that, McFadden move back home to Rock Hill, South Carolina, and attended Winthrop University before transferring to Barton to continue his career in football. With having ties to Coach Hester when he coached at North Carolina A&T, McFadden sat down with Hester and discussed an opportunity to serve on the coaching staff while he completes his masters degree in Business Administration.

The 23 year old has enjoyed his experience since stepping foot onto Barton’s campus. “Once I got here my first semester, I knew I would stay because of how much I liked everybody I was meeting” said McFadden.

McFadden was first introduced to video games when he was 11. He remembers playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare with is cousin and immediately being hooked. “A lot of people don’t understand when you play it, it’s more than just playing a game,” said McFadden “because a lot of funny stuff happens on the game.”

While McFadden competes on the esports team he hopes to change the image of not only the esports team but esports in general. “A lot of people think if you’re on the esports team you’re just a game, but as you can see myself and others on the team are athletes too.” said McFadden.

Deshaun not only enjoys competing competitively for the Bulldogs, but he also enjoys watching some of the top streamers perform on platforms like Youtube and Twitch and then trying to recreate what they do in the game.

As for outside of Esports, McFadden enjoys working out and staying in shape, while also hanging out and enjoying time with friends. As for his plans after graduation, McFadden plans to become a facility or event coordinator at a university while also still coaching football in his spare time.


By: Jakob Ryan