John-Christian Newkirk or as most call him “JC”, is a junior from Clayton, North Carolina. The current biology major and psychology minor, is just impressive on the sticks as he is in the classroom. “I love class and I love studying.” said Newkirk. He also noted how his work ethic and skills are the same in esports as it is in the classroom.

His plans for after graduation have been something he has dreamed of since a little kid. He plans on going to medical school and becoming a Thoracic Surgeon that will specialize in the chest, lungs, and heart. “I’ve always had a thing about saving peoples lives” said Newkirk. The current 2k team member is a hands on person and enjoys helping his community any chance he gets.

Newkirk just recently finished runner up in the Conference Carolinas NBA2K Championship, where each Conference Carolinas school hosted their own qualifier for the winner of each to compete in the Championship bracket against other schools. Newkirk made his way to the Championship game where he faced off against number one seeded Belmont Abbey’s Deante Shackleford and ended up dropping the game to him.

“It was exciting and upsetting at the same time.” said Newkirk. He explained how Shackleford was able to have first pick of teams and chose the Milwaukee Bucks, in which Newkirk was wanting. “I got exploited with the one player I was going to exploit him with” said Newkirk. Referring to Giannis Antetokounmpo, Newkirk was disappointed when Shackleford chose them.

Outside of the classroom and Esports, Newkirk enjoys roller blading and playing basketball. He attributes roller bladingĀ  and listening to music as a way to relax and clear his mind. As for his music choices, they are a wide variety. He enjoys listening to classical music, rap, and African music.

Newkirk’s love for 2k came when he bought a ps4 and saw NBA2K 16 in the store for free. He began to play against his friend, however, met an online friend named Tiv. He attributes much of his competitive practice and skills to Tiv because he had become a competitive rival of his. “If I didn’t meet him on there I do not know where I would be in 2K.” said Newkirk. As for moving forward Newkirk plans on expanding his basketball knowledge to help him out on the sticks.


By: Jakob Ryan