Marc Webb, a Freshmen and new member of the Esports team, is no stranger to Wilson, North Carolina. Growing up just miles down the road, Webb is a graduate of Hunt High School in Wilson County. Which may explain his family tradition of rooting on the Duke Blue Devils. In just his first year here on campus, Webb has been enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes with competing on the Esports team.

For most first year students at a new school, finding friends and getting to know people can be a difficult thing. However, Webb found the Esports team to be an easy outlet to connect with other students and make friends. “Coming into college you really do not know anybody and the Esports team was one of the first things that I had did. So I was able to make friends pretty easy” said Webb.

Marc grew up playing the original classics on the Nintendo DS, which were Mario Cart, Sonic, and Pok√©mon. However, he then begun to gravitate towards the Xbox Console where he picked up the original Call of Duty Black Ops I. With a joyous chuckle, “Zombies” said Webb. Any video game fanatic knows that this Call of Duty’s zombies had a special type of nostalgia with it.

However, Webb has found a different game to compete in for the Bulldogs. After being introduced to the game Fortnite by a friend and then becoming even more fond of the game after watching some of the top streamers like Ninja and CouRageJD play. Webb was immediately hooked.

Since arriving on campus, Marc has been one of the leaders of the Fortnite team and that has earned him the spot of team captain. “Marc has quickly grown into one of our leaders on the Fortnite team. He’s very passionate about the game and making improvements to the team.” Said Paul Christianson, the head coach of the Esports program.

Outside of video games, Marc enjoys basketball and cheering on his Blue Devils. Even noting some of his favorite players to come through the program were Kyrie Irving, Brandon Ingram, and Zion Williamson. He also enjoys meeting new people, traveling to new places and competing in the dodgeball tournaments on campus.

“Marc has done well in practice, competition, and in the classroom. He’s very intelligent and has a bright future ahead of him!” Said Coach Christianson.


By: Jakob Ryan