Familiar face of the program and League of Legends player, Mitchell McKittrick, is one of the most dedicated players to have come through the program thus far. The first student NACE (National Association of College Esports) representative in Barton College’s Esports program history is only one of many achievements McKittrick has tackled. The freshman from Apex, North Carolina is one of the leaders on the League of Legends team and is excited about his opportunity competing for the Esports program. “It is a growing industry and just being apart of it is tremendous.” said McKittrick.

Mitchell plans on pursuing a career in the Esports industry wether that is becoming a professional player or staying connected in the industry some how. He is an Art and Design major with a concentration in Graphic Design and also earning minors in Math and Honors.

McKittrick was first introduced to League of Legends in high school where he joined his high school Esports club and was later introduced to the game by the teacher running the program. What attracted him to the game so much was it’s originality and “replay ability”. “I thought I would try it and I got hooked.” said McKittrick. Different from the first person shooter games and typical fighter games, the strategy and uniqueness was what attracted him to the game.

However, before Mitchell hopped onto the PC platform, he was playing games on the Wii and Xbox like Super Mario Bros and Super Smash Bros. That then led to him to buying a PC and playing games like Team Fortress 2 and Brawlhalla.

Outside of Esports, Mitchell enjoys socializing with friends and teammates and has enjoyed the opportunity to meet new players and people through the program. As for what type of legacy he leaves behind, he hopes to keep growing the program. “I’m not the only working as part of a team, but also helping to expand the team and grow interest in the program.” said McKittrick.

By: Jakob Ryan