Mitchell McKittrick, a member of the League of Legends team has accepted a position to be a student representative for the National Association of Collegiate Esports. The National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) was looking for people to join their board of student representatives and McKittrick was one of the few chosen for the committee.

When asked about how the opportunity came about, “just another opportunity for me that I stumbled across” said McKittrick. Somewhat downplaying the opportunity, McKittrick, was in fact excited to take on an opportunity like this. “I’m excited to take on this leadership position,” said McKittrick.

Throughout his time serving on the committee, McKittrick will be the voice of the students who compete in NACE. He will be the first line of communication when it comes to what NACE can do to be better for its students competing in the league.

As just a freshman, McKittrick was ecstatic when he received the news about being accepted. “I’m already so capable of having these big leadership roles that I feel like I can make an impact, more than just competing in League of Legends,” said McKittrick.

As he awaits a start date of when meetings will begin, McKittrick will be competing on the League of Legends team where they will be competing for the first time this season in the College League of Legends Fall Invitational September 29.

Mckittrick explained how he would like to be apart of the organization for the remainder of his time here at Barton. “My biggest thing is making a lasting impression on the team,” said McKittrick.

Written by Jakob Ryan.